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The Difference Between an Exercise Ball and an Exercise Ball Chair  

The exercise ball and exercise ball chair are similar but two completely different products.

These two products are often confused and thought to be one and the same but they are different.

 Here is how an exercise ball and an exercise ball chair are different.

Both of these are very beneficial from a fitness standpoint and have connections with each other, still there are significant differences.  They both have many healthy benefits that a user will realize.

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exercise balThe exercise ball has been around for many years.  It is a rubber ball inflated with air.  It comes in different sizes and colors.  It is used as a tool to assist with a variety of exercises.

There are many core, stretching and even yoga exercises that can be done using an exercise ball.  This is a favorite tool for many exercise enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the exercise ball chair is a desk chair with legs and a back rest, however the  seat is not flat-- it is actually a frame that holds a smaller version of an inflated exercise ball.

exercie ball chairThis type of a chair is actually an evolutionary leap.  People have been using the exercise ball and loving its benefits for years. 

To try and have those same benefits at work, they started sitting at their desk with their fitness ball.

But there was a slight problem.  It took too much concentration and effort to sit at the desk on this ball.  People learned quickly they couldn’t fully substitute this for their chair.

They found themselves rolling all around the office or being terribly distracted from their work because of how much focused effort it took to sit and stay balanced on the ball.

So the concept and idea of sitting at a desk with an exercise ball leaped forward when someone got the bright idea to combine a desk chair with the exercise ball. 
To sit on a chair like this requires effort to stay upright and in balance, but it is minimal compared to the work one had to put in when just sitting on this as a ball.

To sit in an exercise ball chair the body must make a series of very small adjustments, constantly, to stay in balance.  These adjustments are barely noticeable.  The key is that the body makes these adjustments naturally and it is not distracting, so a person can be very focused at their work.

The beauty is that there are many healthful benefits that a person realizes by sitting on this type of a ball chair.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it is different than sitting on a normal desk chair.  It takes a little getting used to.  For that reason it is probably best not to toss out the old desk chair too soon.

The best advice is to gradually work your way into the new ball chair. The recommendation is to use it for one half hour at first. Then increase its use by one half hour each day until you are sitting on it for a whole day. Then it will be time to get rid of your old desk chair!

The other thing you can do is remove the ball from the frame of the chair once in a while and use it for floor and stretching and yoga exercises.

Now you should know the difference between an exercise ball chair and an exercise ball.

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