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The Amazing Benefits of an Exercise Ball Chair

The exercise ball chair is relatively new in the world of desk chairs and office furniture.

But because of the many healthful benefits it brings, the exercise ball chair is taking offices by storm.

Everywhere you turn these days it seems people are throwing out their traditional desk chair and substituting it for what is call the exercise ball chair.

The reason for this, it seems, is that these chairs that have rubber inflated balls as their seats, offer many amazing healthy benefits as compared to the traditional office chair.

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Many people sit for long hours each day at their desk. The slouch, compress their organs and spine, circulation is inhibited and cramping is common. This type of sedentary activity is not good for the body at all. That is really nothing new. But what can you do if our job requires being at a desk all day long?

According to a growing number of health and fitness professionals, the answer is to sit on a ball chair.

benefits of an exercise ball chairThis chair combines the concept of an exercise ball placed in frame as the seat of a chair. The chair has arms, a back rest, legs and casters for rolling about.

What is so unique is that for a person to sit in what is also called a balance ball chair, they must sit in proper balance which requires “active sitting.”

That means that for the body to stay in balance it must make a constant series of very small adjustments. What is amazing is that these adjustments are barely noticeable and do not detract from whatever else a person is doing at their desk.

Because the body is active and having to sit in a straight, upright position, many things happen:

  • The central core of the body gets stronger and abs get firmer
  • Circulation improves and that makes the heart healthy
  • A person’s posture becomes more properly aligned and the spine takes on a more natural shape
  • There is less aching and cramping from the waist down
  • Because calories are being spent, it is not to unreasonable to agree that excess weight can be trimmed over time
  • Many users claim they feel more energetic and have higher level of mental clarity.
    It is no wonder why they refer to the benefits as amazing, all that is achieved by just sitting.

Bosses and managers seem to be in favor as well, because when all these benefits occur productivity also generally increases.

So if this is new to you, why not take a look at an exercise ball chair today.

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