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The Isokinetics Ball Chair Review 

The Isokinetics Ball Chair is considered one of the top three balance ball chairs on the market today. 

Here is a review of the Isokinetics Ball Chair.

Isokinetics makes a very popular balance ball chair with some unique characteristics not found on other ball chairs

Those unique features will be covered here. 

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A balance ball chair is a relatively new concept that combines a rubber inflated exercise ball and a desk chair. 

Isokinetics Ball ChairIt is said that by sitting on a chair like this the user realizes many healthful benefits. Benefits include: improving flexibility, coordination, circulation, balance and core strength.

When positioned on top of an Isokinetics Ball Chair the user engages in what is called “active sitting”. This means in order to sit properly on the chair and in balance the body is constantly making small adjustments, often imperceptible. 

These adjustments do not really require any conscience effort and a person is able to go about their work, just as they were sitting in a traditional chair.

Unique Features of the Isokinetics Ball Chair 

This ball chair from Isokinetics is considered the “fun chair” among others it competes with in the market place. Primarily this is because it offers balls in a variety of colors like purple, red, yellow, pearl and black. Other manufactures only offer black and silver.

This balance ball chair also comes with a “no-guess" exercise ball tape measure. This is used to measure the size of the ball and insure proper inflation.   This is something not offered by the other companies.

In addition, the chair comes with a set of exercises that can be done using the ball chair and a small starter pump for inflation.

The recommended height for a user of this chair is between 5 feet and 5 feet 11 inches. For shorter users there is an option to order 2 inch height adapters.

Negatives of the Isokinetics Ball Chair

Below you will read reviews from very satisfied users—so there isn’t much that can be said regarding negatives. However, there is one thing.

A common negative that is shared by many users has to do with starter pump that is offered when you buy the chair. It is said to be “cheesy" and inadequate to really inflate the ball. So you may want to consider purchasing a higher volume air pump when you get this chair, or look to see if you have one around the home or office.

Another slight negative is that this chair is not really designed for persons heavier than 300 lbs.

Finally, this really isn’t a negative, but it is so important that it must be adhered to or it could become a negative. It is highly advised in the instructions that when first inflating: to pump the ball up to 80% full and let it sit for 24 hours, then inflate to 100%. So you do not want to over inflate this ball at the start.

Customer Reviews of the Isokinetics Ball Chair 

(Reviews paraphrased for size)

Read actual buyer reviews Here

"Before this we used to sit on exercise balls at work. That took concentration and it was not good to wear a skirt or dress while sitting on it. This ball chair is great and wearing a dress is no problem. Two years later we are still using these chair, one got a leak, but other than that no problems. I highly recommend."

"I have noticed improvement in my posture in just a few weeks of using this chair. I also do not wake up with a stiff back anymore."

"When I first bought this chair I was experiencing lower back. My hope was that this chair would help strengthen my back. After several months, my lower back pain has gone away."

"I am very pleased. The chair is doing what I hoped it would do – helping to improve my posture and muscle tone."

The Isokinetics Ball Chair is available on Amazon for a discounted price.

Click here to take advantage of this discount! 

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