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Fitness Ball Chair

The Fitness Ball Chair is one of the most popular types of office furniture these days.

This type of a desk chair works well in both company office and home office settings.

Here is why you should consider getting a fitness ball chair.

Because like the name implies, fitness ball chair, it combines many healthy fitness benefits with a comfortable and fun desk chair.

The fitness ball has been used as a tool for exercise for many years. It is widely recognized by many for the great exercises that can be done using this ball.

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As a result people started to sit on these, substituting them for their desk chair.

The thinking was they could continue to get even more health benefits while sitting and working at their desk.

But there was a problem. It took to much thought and constant effort to maintain balance.

This resulted in only being able to sit on the ball for short lengths of time.

As well, because of the effort needed, it caused distraction from work. It really was jut extended exercise. Sure it was beneficial, but it did not also substitute as a desk chair very well.

fitness ball chairRecently, a few companies have gotten smart and taken this idea and combined it with a desk chair with arms, legs and a back rest. Essentially the exercise ball is the seat, framed in a chair that provides support.

This design idea has taken off and everywhere you look the fitness ball chair seem to be the rage in offices all throughout the word.

By putting this in the form of a chair with a back rest, arms and legs it takes a lot less effort to sit in one for long periods of time. This ball chair, because it provides more support, can completely be a full time substitute for the traditional desk chair.

When a person sits in a fitness chair they still have to make constant adjustments to stay in proper balance. But these are so slight they are indiscernible and a person does it with minimal realization. The result is a number of healthy benefits and no distraction, so work can go on at their desk uninterrupted.

  • Want to lose weight while sitting at your desk all throughout the day?
  • Want to specifically lose belly fat and strengthen your abdominal core?
  • Want improved circulation throughout your body, which is very good for the heart?
  • Want to have improved mental clarity and increase your productivity at work?
  • Want to have better posture?
  • Want to reduce cramping and achiness of legs and hips that often comes from sitting all day?
  • These are all the benefits and there are many more that people claim they realize by sitting on these chairs.
  • Did we mention they are fun too and come in an assortment of different colors and sizes?

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There is an additional benefit. That is the ball can easily be removed from the chair and can substitute as a traditional fitness ball. You can perform all the many exercises when it is time for a workout and not have to buy a different ball. When you are through exercising just put it back as the seat and once again you have your fitness ball chair.

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