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FitBall Exercise Ball Chair

Here is a review of the FitBall Exercise Ball Chair.

The FitBall Exercise Ball Chair combines the ergonomics of a comfortable desk chair with the healthy, fitness benefits of inflated rubber exercise ball.

It may seem like an unlikely combination, but it really works.

For years fitness professionals have promoted the use of an exercise ball for all sorts of healthy exercises.

Now that is being brought to the world of desk chairs. And FitBall is one of the main companies making this new type of a chair.

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When a person sits on a chair for long hours at a time, that can be very unhealthy. It causes cramping and aching, it is bad for the back, caused circulation problems—just to name a few problems.

Fitball exercise ball chairWhen sitting on the FitBall Exercise Ball Chair, the design is to erase all of these problems. And based on the reviews it seems to be working.

Sitting on this chair promotes what is called “active sitting”. That means the body has to make lots of very tiny adjustments and sit very straight to stay in balance.

It is not hard to do and one barely notices all the adjustments the body is making.

But, there are a tremendous amount of healthy benefits that come as a result of using this FitBall chair.

Some of the many benefits include: improved posture, less back pain and leg aches after sitting for long periods of time, stronger core and abs. You are actually burning calories while you are sitting—so it is not to far a stretch so say it may help lose weight and get rid of belly fat.

There are other balance ball chairs on the market-but the best thing about the FitBall version is that it has adjustable legs. That is a very helpful feature. As a result people of all different sizes can sit on this chair at a desk and be at the correct height.

Negatives of the FitBall Exercise Ball Chair

There are not many negatives, but there are a few. When you order one it does not include a pump. Not sure why this is and as a result you need to make sure to order one as an additional item.

Also, you really have to pay attention to the instructions on how to inflate that ball. Over the first few days it stretches so you have to keep adding air until it gets to the optimum size. These are little things, but good to know ahead of time.

FitBall Exercise Ball Chair Buyer Reviews

(Reviews paraphrased for size)

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"This is a fun and comfortable chair! It works perfectly. I really like the, adjustable height legs and back, as compared to ball chairs from other companies. The chair is also very stable and easy to roll with the casters."

"The fit ball chair is wonderful for burning calories without feeling the pain."

"Sturdy and easy to assemble best describes this chair."

"If you suffer from lower back pain problems, this chair is worth the buy. It promotes active sitting which helps to lower back pain and strengthen the abdominals. It is worth every cent!"

"I use this chair every day. It's helped my posture and I'm able to sit for long periods without developing back fatigue."

The FitBall Exercise Ball Chair is available on Amazon  for a discount off retail price

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