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Exercise Ball Chair

The Exercise Ball Chair is the combining of a rubber inflated exercise ball and an office desk chair.

Here you will learn how these chairs work to provide many healthful benefits to users.

The exercise ball chair is a relatively new concept in office furniture.

Fitness experts and health professionals are raving about how helpful and healthy it can be by simply sitting in this type of a chair. Studies are also starting to come out that support the benefits.

Exercise balls are not that new. They have become staple piece of fitness equipment for trainers and anyone wanting to get in better shape over the last several years.

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For a while, people even tried to extend the benefits of using them as chairs to sit on at their desk.

The problem was that it was hard to keep in balance and constantly felt like exercise.

If a person was trying to work, it was hard not to be distracted and stay in focus.

Also, it was only possible to sit on the inflated ball for short periods at a time, so a traditional chair always had to be nearby and regularly swapped out.

However, despite the problems, many people persisted because of all the benefits derived from sitting on an exercise ball.

Recently manufacturers have gotten smarter and have come up with designs that combine the office chair and the exercise ball. This has resulted in a chair that has a frame and back rest for support and the seat holds the exercise ball.

The design of this new type of desk chair has become extremely popular and has overcome all of the previous negatives with lots of positives.

Now people can sit at their desk for hours at a time in this type of a ball chair. There is no longer the need to substitute out a traditional desk chair every 20 minutes or so. Yet all the health benefits have been retained.

When a person is sitting on an exercise ball chair their body has to make lots of tiny adjustments to keep their balance. The best part is that these adjustments are hardly noticeable and the body does it without the person having to think about what is needed to be done. As a result, the person is free to work very focused at a high level of productivity without distraction.

Sitting in a desk chair like this helps a person in many ways. Just to name a few: improved core and abdominal strength is achieved and the constant burning of calories will result in elimination of belly fat and overall loss of weight.

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exercise ball chairMany users also claim to have reduced cramping and aching of their legs, feet and hips. There is a certain amount of ergonomic comfort built into these chairs.

With all the slight adjustments going on circulation improves, which is good for the heart.

Improved overall being and mental clarity are additional benefits others users have been said to experience.

Most people like to personalize their work station and because these chairs come in different colors, they can help liven up the area where you work.

Finally, when a person begins to feel better and healthier their work productivity has the tendency to increase and their boss loves that!

Why not give an exercise ball chair a try in your office and see how many healthy benefits you start enjoying.

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