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Desk Exercises to Lose Weight

Looking for Desk Exercises that will help you lose weight and relieve tension at work?

Follow along and you will discover some easy desk exercise that will help you make it through the day and even help you take a pound or two off.

If you spend a lot of time each day doing routine tasks sitting at a desk, that can be very harmful to your health.  It can also cause you to be less productive than is possible.

Simple things like getting up from your desk every hour or sooner to walk around for a minute or two can be very beneficial. Anything to get your eyes off the computer and move around to get the blood circulating is helpful.

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desk exercisesWhat we will focus on here are desk stretches that are easy and will work best if you have a balance ball chair.

1. Begin this exercise in a position where you are sitting straight with your spine and torso aligned and completely balanced on your chair. Now inhale as you raise your arms high above your head. Stretch as high as possible while remaining in a sitting position. Do not leave the seat of your chair. Keep the stretched pose and drop forward so your torso touches your thighs. Allow your hands to slow drop and finally touch the floor. Exhale. Slowly raise and repeat, inhaling each time as you raise you arms.

2. Seated in the chair, in the straight upright position, fold one leg and bring your foot and ankle up to rest on the opposite leg. Reach high with both hands and inhale. Hold for a few seconds. As you lower your hands exhale slowly and cross the other leg. Repeat the stretch.

3. Begin this exercise by sitting on the edge of your balance ball chair. You will place your hands, palms down, on the ball for support. Now slowly lie back on the ball. Inhale as you lower your back and torso over the ball. When you have extended as far as is comfortable hold the position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the upright position an exhale. Repeat this back stretch a few times.

4. Finally, sitting on your ball chair in the straight upright position place your hand on your hips. Now slowly raise both legs out in front of you with pointed toes. Hold for a few seconds. Inhale as you raise and exhale as you lower. Repeat.

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These desk exercises to do at your desk can be done using a regular chair but it cannot have arms. They are best accomplished, however, with the balance ball chair design. Using the ball chair also requires the added challenge of maintaining balance which will make the exercise more beneficial. Do these as often as you can throughout the day to stretch, relieve tension and burn a few extra calories.

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