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Balance Ball Chair

The Balance Ball Chair is a new concept in fitness and office furniture and everyone seems to be giving a try.

Here you will learn all about the balance ball chair are, how they work and the many benefits that can be achieved by simply sitting on one, while you work.

Many people sit at a desk all day long working at their computer.

This type of sedentary action is not healthy and can have adverse effects on the body both physically and mentally.

That is why for years office furniture manufacturers have touted the benefits of ergonomic chairs, which are designed to provide more comfort that most traditional desk chairs.

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However, even those these ergonomically designed chairs may provide added comfort, they do little for improving one’s health.

But today we have the newest concept in desk or office chair that provides both comfort and many health and fitness benefits.

This is called the balance ball chair.

Also referred to as an exercise ball chair, it combines a rubber fitness ball and a desk chair. The chair has a frame and a back rest, but the difference is the seat is actually the fitness ball.

This type of a chair is said to be very comfortable and, as mentioned, provides for the user many benefits which all contribute to improved health.

How Does a Balance Ball Chair Work

Here is how these chairs work.

Balance Ball ChairWhen a person is sitting on a ball chair, their body has to make adjustments to keep in balance.

These adjustments are very slight and hardly noticeable. However, because the body constantly has to make these adjustments, many benefits are taking place.

This is considered active sitting vs. the poor posture slumping that is normally done in a desk chair.

It should be noted that when the body is making these adjustments to remain in balance this does not disturb the user.

They do not even notice what is going on and can perform their work duties without distraction.

The Benefits of Sitting on a Balance Ball Chair

According to physical therapists, personal trainer and kinesis therapists, this type of a chair is very beneficial.

Here are many of the benefits that a person can realize while just sitting in this chair:

  • Improved posture
  • Strengthens core and abdominal muscles
  • Better balance
  • Loss of weight (as calories are spent while sitting)
  • Less cramping and discomfort in hips, buttocks and legs
  • Improved circulation
  • Helps to get of rid belly fat
  • Mental clarity and general well being improves
  • These chairs come in different colors and that also makes them fun

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Most bosses and supervisors approve of these chairs as they do not take away from a person’s productivity at work. In fact, given all the benefits, productivity may have the tendency to increase.

Be sure when getting a balance ball chair to also pick up an air pump that is designed to go along with it. In order to get the maximum performance it will need to be properly inflated using the specially designed pump.

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